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What beauty product do you recommend?

"Anything by Mario Badescu; I love all his face stuff. Everyone should go there, get a facial and figure out what's best for their skin."

What's your closet full of?

"Lots of clothes, lots of shoes, makeup, belts, purses, litter box, cleaning products, file cabinets and suitcases on the top."

What would you never wear?

"A shirt with puff paint on it, one of those big hoop things on the side and spandex pants that hook on the bottom of your feet."

What's the best gift you ever got?

"The ring I told my mom I wanted when I graduated from college. It's a sapphire heart with diamonds. They're triangle shaped; it's white gold, 18 karat. I ended up not graduating, but I got it anyway. once I do, they'll engrave it."


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