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ABC Soaps In Depth Christmas Interview With Bree & Melissa

It's a Wonderful Life Especially at this time of year, according to Bree Williamson (Jessica) and Melissa Archer (Natalie) What are your family traditions?
Bree Williamson: "We usually get up early in the morning and open gifts. My grandfather lives right down the street from us [in Toronto]. It's a tradition that we stay in our pajamas, hop in the car and go open presents at his house. My grandfather makes breakfast and we stay until noon." Melissa Archer: "Every year we spend Christmas with my grandmother in San Antonio. I used to drive with my parents, but when I got old enough, I'd take my own vehicle so I could do stuff like go shopping on my own, which was fun. I liked being able to drive there by myself."

What is your favorite Christmas memory?
Williamson: "A few years ago, we had the entire extended family together. It was really special." Archer: "The biggest was the year that you really wanted the bicycle, then there was the big bicycle under the Christmas tree. Each year, it gets better and better."

What should your character get for Christmas this year?
Williamson: "Jessica needs a really nice Christmas with her family, especially after everything that's happened this year, and she'd want Natalie to be happy." Archer: "Natalie needs peace. Obviously, she's grieving for Cristian. But last year, Christmas was very awkward for Natlaie, so in a sense, this year she is closer to her family during the holidays. At the same time, she's not going to have that first Christmas with Cristian, so she'll be back and forth from happy to sad."

What are Natalie and Jessica going to give one another this year?
Williamson: "Natalie deserves a nice day at a spa, a massage and a spiritual retreat to help her heal." Archer: "Natalie should give Jessica a free manicure at Foxy Roxy's."

Bree, you were born on December 28. Did you ever feel shortchanged having a birthday so close to Christmas?
Williamson: "Never. By the time my birthday rolls around, people are over Christmas and on to the next thing. Our family is big on skiing and snowboarding, so we'd usually do that for my birthday."

How would you describe Jessica and Natalie's relationship? What is your relationship like off screen?
Williamson: "Natalie and Jessica have one of the strongest female relationships on the show. It's pure. (Off screen) we're good friends. One of the things Melissa and I do is have SEX AND THE CITY night, where we watch the show with Shanelle Workman at her apartment." Archer: "The connection between sisters is very strong, I have that bond with my own sister, Amanda. And I can imagine it would be even more intense when you're a twin. Natalie and Jessica finally have found that common ground. (In real life) we're very close, too. We have a lot of fun together."


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