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A Little Bit Country

Now that Dallas native Melissa Archer (Natalie) has moved to the Big Apple for her new soap gig, the actress has discovered a new way to keep true to her roots: karaoke! "I've found a great karaoke place in the city," says Archer, who also lived in Los Angeles after graduating from high school. "My favorite thing to sing is country music, which is easy for me to do since I grew up in Texas."

While Archer maintains that she is by no means a professional crooner, performing karaoke does serve a practical purpose. "Singing in front of people is my biggest fear, so karaoke helps," says the actress, who shares a dressing room at OLTL with another vocalist, Erin Torpey (Jessica), who has been showing the newcomer the ropes. "Actually, Erin has been so cool," says Archer, who has yet to let her co-star hear her warble a tune. "I don't know how I would get through the day without her."


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