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True Love For OLTL's Natalie?

Now that ONE LIFE TO LIVE's incorrigible Natalie has shown her soflter side, it seems like anything is possible where her future is concerned. Could the bad girl possibly even find true love?

"Natalie does have a heart, and she wants love in her life," explains her portrayer, Melissa Archer. "In the past, she just hasn't gone after it [the right way]." These days, Cristain is reaching out to his fetching pal, and his kindness isn't lost on Natalie. "He seed that she has a good side," the actress explains. "And she appreciated that fact that he looks out for her."

While Natalie now has a protector in Cris, her relationship with Al also is proving to be intriguing. "Al is like a big brother," she related. "You want to kill him all the time, but you still love him. They started out conspiring, then there was a lot of anger. They ended up caring for each other. "That's all we see," she concludes, "for now."


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