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On-Screen Siblings

Revelry Or Rivalry? Jessica and Natalie haven't known each other for long, but they do know one thing: They can't stand each other.

It turns out that Nat is the "real" Jessica - kidnapped from Viki by Allison Perkins in 1986 and raised by Jess's biological mom, Roxanne, while Jessica was returned to the Buchanans. Last year, Perkins used Natalie to drop this bombshell. Neddy Nat and jilted Jessica have been at odds ever since, though now they're real sisters - Viki officially adopted the daughter she always considered her own.

Now have Natalie and Jessica adjusted to being sisters?

Erin Torpey (Jessica): She's tried to be cordial, but not much more then that.

Melissa Archer (Natalie): There's a part of her that is happy to have a sister, but because of the continuous tension and the fight the be the center of attention, there's still a lot of jealousy from both sides.

What don't they like about each other?

Torpey: I don't think Jessica likes anything about her. She's trying to find something to like, but Natalie hasn't given her much to like.

Archer: Well, Jessica can be very sweet, but at times, there's a hint of not-so-sweet underneath. Natalie is a more upfront person.

Will they ever be friends?

Torpey: It would take awhile, but I don't think so. They way it started off was really bad, you know?

Archer: I'm sure there would be a point in time where they could try again, but its more interesting if they don't.

How does this compare to your relationships with your rea-life sisters?

Torpey: You can't even compare. My sister is my absolute best friend in the world. When we were young, I used to drive her crazy because I's sing all the time and was more of a tomboy than her, but now we get along so well.

Archer: Nothing like it. My sister is 13 years younger then me, and we have a great relationship. There's no jealousy.

When Viki's in her right mind, who do you think she likes better?

Torpey: I'd have to be biased and say Jessica. C'mon, what is there not to like?

Archer: In her right mind, I don't think Viki has a preference. She loves both of her daughters equally. She has a different love for each of them, but there's not a preference. She wouldn't choose.


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